Neighbourhood Police Officer

The Saint John Police Force provides the Crescent Valley area with a neighbourhood police officer through the Crime Reduction Team. 

Sgt.David Hartley-Brown's office is located in the CVRC. He is available weekdays, 8:00am-3:30pm. Drop in or call, 721-9103 or email: SGT. David Hartley-Brown.  

Neighbourhood police officers’ duties include:

    • Community meetings on crime and safety.
    • Presentations on personal safety, cyber safety, drugs, etc
    • Provide the DARE program to local middle schools
    • Participate in Violent Threat Risk Assessments at schools.
    • Work in partnerships with other agencies, organizations and community groups concerning neighbourhood issues.
    • Crime prevention programs

Neighbourhood police offices are not reporting stations for criminal complaints.
Those require an investigation. Please call 648-3333 (Saint John Police Force). 
Remember - in an emergency call 911.